Some of the Photos on my #REDBUBBLE profile

Some of the Photos on my #REDBUBBLE profile, I am hoping to keep adding more and more each day.  Most if not all are photos I’ve made in and around Orlando, FL, my new home The City Beautiful.

What do you think?

Summers in Orlando Florida #Drips & #Drops

Summers in Orlando, FL is all about the rain, it helps to cool off the day and to push me to be creative when am stuck indoors.

#reflections – whats the story???


There must be an interesting story behind this. I made this photo last summer and never shared it until now.

The #Colors in Nature in and around Orlando, FL

These are some of the photos of nature that I’ve taken in and around Orlando, FL. What do you think?

Celebrating Artistic Expressions #Reflections



Celebrating Artistic Expressions at City Arts Factory this December 17, 2015 through January 15, 2016.
If I could go back and relive the last few years of my life, I would relive each moment in exactly the same way. This simple realization emerged from deep internal reflection. Some people exercise or practice yoga, others meditate; I engage in walking meditation practice – I put on headphones with a loud music and go on long walks. During my most recent walks, I have entered around emotional reflections of a breakup with the person I felt I was going to spend my life with began to surface. As most people I wondered if there were things I could of done differently, was it my fault? what did I do wrong? One day while out reflecting, a spark of inspiration was triggered and I began to capture moments of reflection through photo. I’ve read somewhere that with the technology of today anyone can take a pictures, but it’s the emotions behind them that make it into a photo. These are my photos #reflections.


What: Winter Springs ARToberFEST, presented by Bright House Networks Business Solutions, will feature the work of award-winning artists, German food and drink, live music and an interactive kids area. Join the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce and the City of Winter Springs for the 8th annual Winter Springs ARToberFEST. For information on being a patron or sponsor please go to

When: Friday, October 17, 2015 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Saturday, October 18, 2015 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: Winter Springs Town Center

State Road 434 & Tuskawilla Road

Winter Springs, FL 32708

Cost: Free to attend; art, food and beverages available for purchase

Contact: Bridget Lake, Senior Director of Sponsorships and Events

Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce


[email protected]

Background: The Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit business membership association. With corporate offices located at 376 N. Central Ave., near downtown Oviedo, the purpose of the chamber is to serve as an advocate for business and civic interests within our communities. For more information on the Chamber, please visit



More work from #LookCloser


#Nature at Lake Eola Park









#Reflections – My Art is Me



At times I take pictures that are a reflection of what is going on in my life. For the last few months I’ve been looking back on my current situation, decisions I’ve made, if they were right or wrong. As a projection of these emotions I’ve taken many pictures of reflections which have turned out better then expected. I am my art work, my art work represents where I am in life.

First Online Award


First Online Award

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From Day One till Now #Photography

I love Photography and have since I was very young. I’ve made photos here and there as a hobby, but now I feel ready to take it to the next level. My first goal was to take photos every day, so far so good. Here are a few of them.

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#streetphotography literally Street photography lol #IAmNextContest #blackandwhitePhotography

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Heart of Orlando #IAmNextContest #Florida #StreetPhotography #blackandwhitePhotography

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Early Morning #nature #LakeEolaPark #StreetPhotography #ColorPhotography in Downtown Orlando Florida

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#2015 Goodmorning to all, happy Friday #StreetPhotography #blackandwhitePhotography

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This one is from Sunday #StreetPhotography #ColorPhotography #nature

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Leonidas Bratini on #Patreon

I’ve loved photography since very young, growing up in the Dominican Republic it was the only way for me to remember what my sister and mother looked liked since they had moved to New York City when I was very little. Then growing up in The Bronx, NY I always loved to see pictures from the early 20th century. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time just the way it was. This is my goal each time I take a photo. For more about my photography and to support my art please visit


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I love Blue Skies #Orlando #ColorPhotography