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I’ve loved photography since very young, growing up in the Dominican Republic it was the only way for me to remember what my sister and mother looked liked since they had moved to New York City when I was very little. Then growing up in The Bronx, NY I always loved to see pictures from the early 20th century. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time just the way it was. This is my goal each time I take a photo. For more about my photography and to support my art please visit https://www.patreon.com/leonidas


15 - 1


I love Blue Skies #Orlando #ColorPhotography


Just : One


Music in the Park 2


Just : One are a few of my photos with only one person.

Coming Soon – My Photos for Rent/ Buy

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Here are a few of the photos that will be up on Artsicle.com, where you can rent or buy my work.  For more you can visit my page at http://open.artsicle.com/Leonidas-Bratini  or just keep up with this blog I will post updates here from time to time.  Not sure yet what type of prints I should do. any ideas? I am thinking of Canvas, Metal Prints or your every day photo paper in a gorgeous frame?

Photos From A Day Trip To ST. Augustine Florida


Here are a few gorgeous photos from my day Trip to St. Augustine, FL. Hope you like them and I hope you go and visit this gorgeous Historical Town.


My Top 100 Photos Of The Last Few Years

These are my top 100 pics of, Friends and Family, New York City, Florida, Costa Rica, Boston, New Jersey and many other Places I have been to over the years.



Let me know what you think feed back is always great.


Photos From Orlando, FL | Fotos De Orlando, FL



It’s been a while since I last posted some good shoots, let me know what you think of these.  More to come.


Music in the Park, Lake Eola





Music in the Park, Lake Eola, Orlando, FL

Leonidas Bratini


Photos Of Downtown Orlando Florida




Photos Of Downtown Orlando Florida

Outside NYC


This my new Issue on Zeen.com
A few pictures from the Gorgeous locations that I have been to Outside of NYC.
Leonidas Bratini


Un paseo de 3 millas | Out for a 3 mile walk





These were call taken with my Evo 4G, when the light is right anything can become a great camera. It was a hot 3 mile walk but with lots of gorgeous views.


Leonidas Bratini


Online Magazine – Revista Electronica

This is a very nice website that allows us to create our own magazine to display over the web.   Check out mine, Click here.

Este es un sitio muy agradable que nos permite crear nuestra propia revista para mostrar en la web.   Echa un vistazo a la mía, Haga clic aquí.



Leonidas Bratini


Walking around Altamonte Springs | Caminando por Altamonte Springs







Leonidas Bratini